Office of Academic Affairs records (Virginia Tech)

Office of Academic Affairs records (Virginia Tech)

Creator Leslie F. Malpass; Alfred H. Krebs
Description This collection consists primarily of records from the Office of Academic Affairs at Virginia Tech. The bulk is from Leslie Malpass’ tenure as Vice-President for Academic Affairs (1968-1974) but there are also materials from others, in particular Alfred H. Krebs who served as director of Summer School and as Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs under Malpass. The collection covers a wide range of topics related to the academic programs offered or considered by Virginia Tech, including desegregation issues or activities. Of particular interest are folders containing discussions, drafts, or correspondence related to Tech’s repeated attempts to meet Federal requirements and gain approval for affirmative action/equal opportunity programs as mandated by the Office of Civil Rights. Tech’s efforts were part of a larger “Virginia Plan” titled The Plan for Equal Opportunity in Virginia’s Institution’s of Higher Education(see box/folders 37-23, 37-24, 40-2, 44-8, 44-9, 44-20, 45-17, 51-11 and 60-28). There is also material reflecting activities and concerns related to increasing black faculty, staff, and enriching the black student experience at Tech (see box/folders 9-4, 10-33, 15-2, 15-3, 16-14, 18-1, 18-4, 18-6, 18-7, 34-26 and 44-19. A program for disadvantaged southwest youth called Upward Bound and its corollary, Talent Search, operated at Virginia Tech for several years and the collection includes reports and correspondence related to this effort to improve the academic prospects of low socio-economic youths of which blacks appear to have been up to 50% of the program. Particularly revealing materials regarding Upward Bound can be found in box/folders 40-14/15 and 48-13. Information about concerns or activities related to blacks in higher education but not specifically at Virginia Tech can be found ins box/folders 16-15, 25-22, and 25-31/32.
Call number RG 5/1/2
Date from 1961
Date to 1977
Geographic school Blacksburg, VA
Size 84 cu. ft. 60 boxes
Access restrictions yes/no no
Access restrictions
Part Of larger collection yes/no yes
Larger collection title
Repository Virginia Tech Special Collections
Repository address University Libraries, P.O. Box 90001, Blacksburg, VA 24062-9001
Repository contact name Tamara Kennelly
Repository contact title University Archivist
Repository contact email
Repository contact phone (540) 231-6308
DoveRegion region1
Subjects o    African American students

o    African Americans–Civil rights

o    High school students

o    Race relations

o    Segregation in higher education

o    Virginia. Department of Education

Types o    Reports

o    Speeches

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