USDC, Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, Civil Action Case #3536- United States of America vs. School Board of Prince George County, et al 

USDC, Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division, Civil Action Case #3536- United States of America vs. School Board of Prince George County, et al 

Creator USDC, Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division
Description In October 1962, the United States sought an injunction requiring Prince George County to admit the African-American children who were dependents of military and civilian personnel stationed or employed at Fort Lee to its white schools. The U.S. argued that the County assured it that its school facilities would be made available to federally-connected children on the same basis as those available to local youngsters. Additionally, the plaintiff claims that it was “burdened to exercise its use of war powers under the Constitution” in attempts to remedy the situation. There are 159 school-age dependents of black military personnel and 426 of black civilian personnel stationed or employed at/by Fort Lee, situated in Prince George County. Though no educational facilities are maintained on the U.S. Army base, neither its facilities nor activities are segregated by race. The School Board terminated its agreement of providing schooling for Fort Lee’s dependent students as a result of alleged overcrowding, however it was found that the Pupil Placement Board admitted over 300 new students after denying the applications of children of black servicemen earlier. The County was receiving an excess of $1.5 million in federal grants for the new construction of schools upon assuring their ongoing commitment to the education of federally-connected children. The Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare was aware of the County’s separate school system upon agreeing to the grants, however ruled on March 30, 1962 that racially segregated education of children on federal property was not “suitable.” Furthermore, the Department of Defense would not allow the transfers of black servicemen stationed at Fort Lee who cited the segregated system of their children’s education as a cause. The Court ruled that the U.S. would not be returned the funds it provided the County in construction grants as they anticipated using the facilities similarly to those operating in the surrounding area. Additionally, the United States’ use of the War Powers Act upon domestic affairs such as the one in question is not prohibited. The County simply must make schooling of some sort available to federally-connected children, as per the pre-arranged contract between the School Board of Prince George County and the United States of America.
Call number Civil Action Case #3536
Date from 1962
Date to 1963
Geographic school Prince George County, VA
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Subjects o    African American students

o    African Americans–Civil rights

o    Public schools

o    School children

o    School integration

o    Segregation in education

o    Virginia. Pupil Placement Board

o    Public schools–Virginia–Prince George County

o    African American soldiers

o    District courts–Virginia

o    Executive orders–United States

o    United States. United States. Department of Defense

o    Children of military personnel

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